Having always been in publishing, I have achieved an in-depth and varied expertise with the written word. Starting in magazines, I eventually became editor-in-chief of several national magazines and wrote hundreds of articles for various publications. Moving into the book world, I authored and co-authored a number of books published by major houses.

At that time I decided to start my own literary agency where I honed by book-editing skills. I worked carefully with my authors, editing their manuscripts to achieve maximum impact in the competitive publishing world. Many of my clients successfully landed a contract with leading publishing houses.

From my many years as a writer and editor I fully understand author anxiety and along with it, how gratifying it is to have an editor’s guidance. I work with first-time and experienced writers, showing how to craft a professional-level manuscript. In fiction I work with a number of genres including suspense; mysteries; thrillers; adventure, urban and women’s lit among others. In nonfiction I work with memoir; health; fitness and nutrition; self-help; business; parenting and spirituality.

I enjoy staying close to my authors throughout the editing experiences, starting with the first read all the way through to a final manuscript polish. During this time I clarify for them what problems exist in their manuscript and what they need to do to correct them. The goal always is for my authors to create the best manuscript possible and to master lessons from the experience that will help them write ever better.

For Self-Publishing

Many of my authors prefer to self-publish their book with its speed and surety. I am delighted to provide customized personal production management that involves authors in every step of the process including copy edit and cover design. The result is a high-quality professional print book and e-book that makes them proud. Another bonus: my author-clients receive all net royalties.

Author Praise:

“After taking Janet’s editing guidance for a major overhaul of my novel, followed by more advice on a fine tune, I almost overnight received several offers from publishers. … Plus, working with Janet was a joy …. She is sensitive, demanding without being harsh, funny and altogether professional.”  — Thomas Grant, author, Betrayal at Lake Pontchartrain

“I have Janet to thank for being a most vital resource to me when I wrote and self-published my last two books. She knows the ins and outs of editing and self-publishing like none other … creative, knowledgeable, unflappable, responsive, and with lots of eye-opening ideas.”  — Karen L. Rancourt, Ph.D., author, Ask Dr.Gramma Karen, Vol. II

“Of all the editors I’ve worked with, no one comes close to Janet Spencer King. She is, without a doubt, the best in the business.”  — Frank Wolak, author, In the Land of The Lotus Eaters