Editing Services

Unlike most book editors, BDG editors offer a full range of services to meet all of your editing and publishing needs. Whether you are a first-time writer or published author, of fiction or non-fiction, hoping to traditionally publish or self-publish, we are here to guide you to success.

Here is a brief description of our editorial services.

Preliminary manuscript evaluation: Think of this as a “first-read” process. The editor will read through the manuscript to evaluate noting its overall problems as well as strengths to familiarize you with areas that need correcting.

Developmental manuscript editing: This is often referred to as “content editing.” It is a detailed process in which the editor goes through the manuscript to identify all problems including in plotting, structure, pacing, descriptions, clarity, dialog (or quotes), and much more. Your editor will work with you on making revisions that will correct the problems, thus guiding you to achieving a truly professional-level manuscript.

Line editing: This is exactly what it sounds like; the editor provides a final polish, line by line, to be sure the manuscript reads smoothly and flawlessly throughout.

Query letters and agent proposals: Authors who want to pursue traditional publishing need agent representation and that requires a query letter and, for non-fiction, a book proposal. BDG editors cannot guarantee agent representation, but as long-time publishing professionals we can advise you about who would be appropriate for you.

Customized self-publishing project management: Like many writers today, you may choose self-publishing for its speed, certainty and author control. We offer a one-on-one approach to self-publishing of print and e-books; you, the author, are constantly informed and involved. We work with top-flight designers, copy editors and printers, thus ensuring that your book will be professionally competitive. You, the author, retain full ownership of your book and receive all net profits.

Platform marketing: All authors today are expected to market their book, whether traditionally or self-published. BDG editors consult on a wide range of preliminary marketing platforms. These include author websites including copy and design, Amazon Author and Goodreads author pages, FaceBook fan sites, newsletters and social media.


Writers’ Tip:

“Revisions are a necessary part of the writing process. Having a first draft means you now have the jumping-off point to start turning your manuscript into a truly well-written book.”

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