My entire professional life has been in publishing. As a long-time editor and writer, I fully understand authors’ anxiety about their work, and, along with it, the great relief it is to have the guidance of a highly experienced editor.

I started my publishing life in magazines, eventually becoming editor-in-chief of several national magazines. I also wrote hundreds of articles for various publications. Moving into the book world, I authored and/or co-authored four books, all published by major houses. At that time, I started my own literary agency where I honed my book-editing skills. Working closely with my authors, I edited their proposals and manuscripts to achieve maximum impact in the competitive publishing world. Many of them landed a contract with a leading publishing house. 

Today I work with both first-time and practiced writers, demonstrating how to craft a professional-level manuscript. In fiction I work with a number of genres including among others, commercial fiction; suspense; mysteries; thrillers; adventure; women’s lit and others. In nonfiction I work with memoir; health; fitness and nutrition; self-help; business; parenting, spirituality and more. 

I work closely with my authors throughout the editing process, starting with the first read all the way to a final manuscript polish. During this time, I clarify for them the problems that exist in their manuscript and how they can correct them. The goal always is to help my authors create the best manuscript possible and to master lessons from this experience that will expand their writing skills. 

Self-Publishing Guidance

Many of my authors prefer to self-publish their book with its speed and surety. I am delighted to provide customized personal production management that involves authors in every step. This includes first-rate copyediting and individualized cover and interior page design. The end result is a high-quality, professional-level print and e-book, one that makes an author proud. Another bonus: my author-clients receive all net royalties.

Author Praise:

“With Janet’s hands-on editorial and publishing direction, I now have produced two books, both with Amazon Number One Seller status for their particular category. One has also received a literary reward. How lucky am I to have found such a fabulous editor? Very.” — Rick Snedeker, author, 3001 Arabian Days: A Memoir, and Holy Smoke: A Brief Religious History from the Colonial Era to Today

“Working with Janet was a joy …. She is sensitive, demanding without being harsh, funny and altogether professional.”  — Thomas Grant, author, Betrayal at Lake Pontchartrain

“Before writing and self-publishing my first book, I thought it couldn’t be all that hard. WOW, was I wrong! Janet clarified my thinking and provided editing that helped me learn and grow as an author. As my self-publishing guide/coach, her years of experience, excellent sub-contractors, and many connections in the business transformed the process from a maze into an exciting journey.” — Alexa Elkington, author, Financial Savvy for Therapists

“Of all the editors I’ve worked with, no one comes close to Janet Spencer King. She is, without a doubt, the best in the business. I am forever in her debt for taking me on as one of her authors.” — Frank Wolak, author, Doubling Down  

“Janet knows the ins and outs of editing and self-publishing like none other … creative, knowledgeable, unflappable, responsive, and with lots of eye-opening ideas.”  — Karen L. Rancourt, Ph.D., author, Ask Dr. Gramma Karen, Vol. II