All good books are a collaboration. Writers and editors need each other equally. As an editor my aim is to help writers develop a book that is their “personal best.” I don’t believe in simply imposing sets of hard- and- fast rules without respecting equally an author’s ideas. The goal is to discover what is best for the work together and then use my professional experience to make sure the best happens.

In the publishing industry, I have become known for a strong sense of what books sell and the elements in them that create success. Editorial, rights licensing, audio and management positions at Simon & Schuster/Pocket Books, Warner/Hachette books, Time-Life, Workman and HarperCollins were some of the places I worked. I have also been an agent and my consultancies included Scholastic and Rodale, all experiences that gave me great splendid opportunities to further grow and develop a variety of skills.

What can I offer a writer? Manuscript evaluation, content editing covering structure, plot and characters; idea and proposal development, and help with query letters to book agents. I am also able to provide an insider’s viewpoint and valuable advice concerning traditional publishing based on extensive experience and as well as how to get a book self-published.

It’s an exciting time for writers. The industry changes continually and there are now whole new ways of communication that have opened up. I, too, have evolved so am able to help writers decide whether to pursue the traditional publishing model or if a better choice would be to self- publish. I am broad based and thrive on the variety of subjects and formats in fiction and non-fiction. As an editor, I gravitate towards general commercial fiction, thrillers, mysteries and women’s fiction. Non-fiction includes self-help and personal growth, biography and memoir, travel, plus art and illustrated books of all sorts—anything from art and art history to lifestyle books and “gift books” of all formats, including those requiring interesting design.

Every writer’s book is different as are their goals. Some write for large audiences, others for niche groups, and many simply for personal enjoyment or needs. Regardless, I treat every manuscript with the care, intensity and conviction needed to make a manuscript personal and unique.

Equally as important is a process highlighted by extensive, open communication I have with an author. We develop a relationship that makes all the hard work and learning so much easier and more enjoyable. Frequent conversations and encouragement through a hand-in-hand approach continues to be the foundation of what is, for me, a continuing dream job. And I do it all with the same hard work, delight and joy I have shown since the first, exciting days of my career.

Praise from previous clients:

“I have worked with Olga Vezeris for many years and have benefited from her editing skills and insight. She challenges an author to see their own work with a lucidity that could not be achieved without her, and before any editing is done, the author has gained a valuable mentor. Her approach is to peel away unnecessary layers that clutter a work, transforming it with a clarity and purpose and focus.”

—Alan Winter, author of “Savior’s Day”

“I cannot imagine a better editor. Olga has been my editor and advisor since my first book was published and we are currently working together on another project. Because of her extensive background she knows all parts of the publishing business and when you work with Olga, you know you are working as a team. She is extremely cognizant of the marketplace and is the guiding force that brings out a writer’s best work.”

—Valerie Ramsey, author of “Gracefully”