As an editor, my intent is always to help writers achieve a “personal best.” All good books are a collaboration between writers and editors. Each book is different. It doesn’t matter whether the goal is to reach large audiences, small ones or simply for just personal reasons. Regardless, I treat every manuscript with the care, energy and conviction needed to reach the author’s goal. 

My editing skills and strong sense of what sells developed over the years in positions I held at top-flight publishing houses including Simon & Schuster/Pocket Books, Hachette, HarperCollins Audio and Workman. The invaluable and varied editorial experiences I gained I am now able to bring to my author clients.

My work in fiction editing covers a wide variety of genres. I do find, though, that thrillers and mysteries are some of my most popular areas, ones I enjoy a lot. As to nonfiction, again I work with a number of genres including travel, memoir, and self-help. Other nonfiction genres are lifestyle and so-called gift books in all formats, including those requiring considerable design.

 I have specialized experience with illustrated books, helping authors combine text and graphics to entertain, inform and tell their stories. I welcome all manuscripts concerning art, including its history, whether illustrated or not. 

The projects I do for writers today range from book concept development and manuscript evaluation, to full manuscript content editing to improve structure, plot, characters, pacing and more. 

Clients who wish to pursue traditional publishing have my guidance in creating strong book proposals as well as support in finding an agent. Many clients are interested in self-publishing today, and I am able to work with them from manuscript to finished book. 

In all my work with authors, I encourage open and continuing communication. I welcome all conversations to create a hand-in-hand approach that has become the foundation of what I offer. I always keep in mind that the manuscript is the writer’s, not mine. Together we bounce ideas off of each another. We make compromises. We work on making sure nothing gets lost in the weeds. We shape the manuscript so the author’s true voice and intent are clear.

The work demanded to achieve an author’s “personal best” often ends up being richly rewarding and sometimes a great deal of fun. Substantive conversations and problem solving can end up in laughter, and, not infrequently, in discovery of an unexpected new pathway within the book. For both of us, the commitment is to keep working until the goal is reached.

Praise from previous clients:

“I have worked with Olga Vezeris for many years and have benefited from her editing skills and insight. She challenges an author to see their own work with a lucidity that could not be achieved without her, and before any editing is done the author has gained a valuable mentor. Her approach is to peel away unnecessary layers that clutter a work, transforming it with clarity, purpose and focus.”  — Alan Winter, author, Wolf and Savior’s Day

“I cannot imagine a better editor. Olga has been my editor and advisor since my first book was published. Because of her extensive background she knows all parts of the publishing business and when you work with Olga, you know you are working as a team. She is extremely cognizant of the marketplace and is the guiding force that bring out a writer’s best work.”  — Valerie Ramsey, author, Gracefully