Editing Services

We are ranked as among “the top independent book editors in the country.”*

We provide our clients with a full range of services designed to meet your complete editing and publishing needs. Our goal is to help you achieve the highest professional-level manuscript. We customize all services to your specific needs – no formulaic packages here!


Developmental editing: Often referred to as “content editing,” this is a detailed process in which the editor gives an in-depth evaluation of the manuscript that identifies all problems and strengths. 

For novels this includes: • character development • plotting • structure • pacing • descriptions • clarity • dialog … and much more. 

For nonfiction this includes: • strengthening the book’s message • building the case • solidifying your brand through content • practical usefulness • incorporating anecdotes, success stories, expert interviews, sidebars … and much more.

After your editor completes the evaluation, she will give you advice and specific detailed suggestions to correct your manuscript’s problems and to enhance its strengths. 

Line editing: This is exactly what it sounds like. The editor provides a final polish, line by line, to make sure the manuscript reads smoothly and flawlessly throughout. 

One-on-one coaching: If you are just starting your project, we can give you guidance that will bring clarity to planning and writing your book, making it more professional and so deepening your skills.

If you are looking for traditional publishing, we can help.

Query letters and agent proposals: To pursue traditional publishing authors must obtain agent representation. This requires a query letter and, for nonfiction, a book proposal. As long-time publishing professionals. We can help you craft query letters and proposals that will stand out in the marketplace and enhance your chances of gaining representation. Though BDG editors cannot guarantee agent representation or a publishing contract, we can guide you in submission strategy.

Writers’ Tip:

Revisions are a necessary part of the writing process. Having a first draft means you now have the jumping-off point to start turning your manuscript into a truly well-written book.

*Book Development Group editors are described as three of the 29 “most experienced and qualified independent editors in America” by Jeff Herman in Jeff Herman’s Guide to Book Publishers, Editors & Literary Agents.